Apple AirTag, Lost Object Tracking Accessories From Apple

Apple AirTag.

After many rumors, Apple finally released the Apple AirTag. This device was announced by Apple at the Apple Spring Loaded event on April 21. This device will be a new competitor to the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, which was launched last January.

What is The Apple AirTag?

Apple AirTag

The Apple AirTag is a small device that can be embedded in various objects, such as keys, wallets, and cell phones. This device serves as a marker and can track your lost objects. You can track your AirTag via the “Find My” application which is available for iOS devices. If it is out of range, the device will detect it via the Find My network, and notify the location of the object.

AirTag is made of stainless steel and is IP67 water and dust resistant. Has a round shape resembling a pin. Inside there are internal speakers for playing sound, accelerometer, NFC, and Bluetooth LE. The battery in the AirTag can last up to a year. There is a cover that can be removed to make it easier for you to replace the battery. To connect this device to the iPhone is very easy. You just have to close the AirTag to your iPhone, it will pop-up a request to connect the device.

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Although it can find the location of goods accurately, however, Apple claims AirTag will not store a history of the location of the goods for privacy reasons. Apple uses end-to-end encryption between AirTag and the Find My app.

Each AirTag is equipped with the Apple U1 ultra-wideband chip, audio, and haptic to guide you to the precise location of items. If someone finds AirTag, they can tap it using their iPhone or a device with NFC. They will then be directed to a website that will display the contact phone number of the owner, provided that it has been specified in advance.

AirTag also includes a VoiceOver feature. This feature can direct blind or low-vision users to the AirTag with directions. This device is also designed with a set of features that prevent unwanted tracking.


AirTag will be launched on the market on April 30th. This device will be priced at $29. If you want to save money, Apple also provides a package of four AirTags which are sold for $99.

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