Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 Update: New Characters and New Maps

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2

Respawn Entertainment and EA (Electronics Arts) officially present the Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: DISTORTION update. In this update, there will be a new character named Rhapsody. “Along with the introduction of Rhapsody, Season 2: DISTORTION will also feature some new content. Includes new game modes, new maps, and the mobile debut of the Skull Town: Kings Canyon map.

New Character Named Rhapsody


Based on the storyline in the game, Rhapsody is a Disc Jockey who has amazing hearing abilities. Accompanied by a robot named Rowdy, Rhapsody fights by relying on Gifted Ear’s passive skill. This skill can increase the range of sound that can be heard.

Not only that, Rhapsody also has another skill called Tactical: Hype Anthem. This skill is able to speed up the footsteps and the process of refilling shields by teammates. As for the Ultimate skill, Rowdy’s Rave, Rhapsody can create a wall that can block enemy sight and attacks.

New Map in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 Update

Kings Canyon

Not only new characters, but this update also brings a new map called King’s Canyon. For fans of the Apex Legends game series, you must be familiar with this map. because King’s Canyon is one of the locations of the Titanfall game. Besides King’s Canyon, Apex Legends Mobile players also have another new map called Phytas Black O. This map can be found exclusively in Team Deathmatch mode. There are also various new modes coming, including Gun Game and Hack modes.

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Apex Legends Mobile Phytas Black O

Not only bringing a new map and character updates to Apex Legends Mobile Season 2, but EA also presents a series of new events. Some of them are Town Takeover, Club Showdown, Rhapsody Live, and Conqueror of Kings events. Players will also experience a number of improvements, from weapon re-balancing to bug fixes. This is done to optimize players on mobile devices to be more competitive.

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