AirPods Lite Will Be Released Soon in 2023

AirPods Lite release

Apple seems to be preparing a new wearable device, namely AirPods Lite. The wireless device will reportedly enter the cheaper segment. News posted on Tuesday (March 1) from the 9to5Mac page, comes from Haitong Intl Tech Research Jeff Pu. In its report, the demand for AirPods will decrease in 2023.

AirPods are one of the pioneers of wireless earbuds. However, it looks like demand for AirPods will drop this year. Jeff predicts AirPods shipments will fall from 73 million units in 2022 to 63 million units in 2023.

He said that this decline was due to weak demand for AirPods 3. Therefore, it is unlikely that Apple will release new AirPods this year. Then, Jeff claims that Apple is developing AirPods Lite.

AirPods Lite Specifications

AirPods Lite.

There is still no clear information regarding the specifications of this device. but Jeff calls them wireless earbuds at a more affordable price to compete with non-Apple products.

Currently, Apple sells four AirPods variants, namely the second, third-generation AirPods, second-generation AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max. The third generation, launched in 2021, retails for US$169. While the third generation arrived, the second generation was still on the market for US$129. Then in 2022, Apple updated the second generation of AirPods Pro. Considering the price is still relatively expensive when compared to TWS from other brands.

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So, if AirPods Lite does hit the market, it’s likely to be cheaper than US$129. Another option for Apple is to drop the price of the second-generation AirPods, perhaps to US$99. will always give you something updates about gadgets, like smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, etc. We hope you enjoy our review about gadgets. Thank you for your support and your comment.

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