Acer Makes an Electric Bike Named Ebii

Electric Bike Acer Ebii

Acer, which we know is synonymous with its PCs and laptops, is now making a new product, namely an electric bike. The electric bike is called the Acer Ebii electric bike. This product stands for E-bike which is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Acer Ebii is a lightweight electric bike that has a stylish and modern design designed for urban areas. Even though it accommodates the control box to the battery pack, the Ebii is light, at around 16kg. According to Acer, this bike can accommodate riders with a height of 145 to 185 cm. So that higher riders may not feel comfortable. In addition, this bike has artificial intelligence technology. This technology allows it to learn the personal preferences of the rider. Quoted from Gizmochina, “Allows Acer Ebii to switch gears automatically depending on road conditions for optimal urban travel.”

This bike can reach a maximum speed of about 32 km/h and a range of about 113 km. This bike has a battery capacity of 460W and can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. Interestingly, the battery on this bicycle can be used to charge a laptop or smartphone.

Advantages of Ebii Electric Bikes

Electric Bike Acer

Acer Ebii also has a companion application called ebiiGO. This app provides battery usage information, speed check, and recommended routes. Not only that, this AI will learn these things from time to time to create a more personalized experience. In fact, the Acer Ebii has collision detection sensors, all-way lights, and airless tires.

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You can also lock and unlock bicycle access through the application. For additional security, Ebii will be locked automatically whenever the connected smartphone is not nearby. An alarm will also turn on when something suspicious happens.

However, until now there is still no information regarding the price and availability of these electric bikes. Given that this product is still in the development stage. Even so, Acer hopes to provide competitive prices for its electric bikes.

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