5 Things That Make Your Laptop Battery Quickly Damaged

Laptop Batteries Damage Fast

In this day and age, laptops are one of the most widely used and needed devices. Starting from doing office tasks, to playing games. Especially during the current pandemic, where there are still several offices that implement the WFH (work from home) work system. Of course, devices such as laptops are needed. But unfortunately, unconsciously, some of our habits when using a laptop can actually make the laptop battery damaged quickly. Although it looks trivial, but if it is done continuously, it will have a bad impact on our laptops. As a result, you have to spend more money to buy a new laptop. Here are 5 things that make your laptop battery quickly damaged.

1. Removing the Laptop Battery

Laptop Batteries Damage Fast.

Many of us think, that removing the laptop battery when it is in use is the right thing. However, you need to know, this habit can actually damage the laptop battery quickly. This is because when the battery is unplugged, the main power comes directly from the plugged power source. The danger is when the power goes out, the laptop will automatically turn off and this can increase the risk of damage to the hard drive or other laptop hardware components.

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2. Using a Laptop on Soft Objects

Perhaps this is the thing you do most often. It is very pleasant and comfortable when using a laptop on a mattress or pillow while relaxing. However, this habit can make laptop batteries damaged quickly. Mattresses and other soft objects have the property of absorbing heat and sealing the escape of heat from the laptop. If you continue to do this, then your laptop will overheat and eventually, the laptop battery will be easily damaged.

3. Delaying Charging the Laptop

This must also be done often when the remaining battery power is 20 percent. For many reasons, you must be lazy to immediately charge your laptop. In fact, leaving the battery power up to 20% is not good. Delaying charging the battery can shorten the life of the laptop battery. The solution is you can set Power Options so that your laptop can turn off automatically before the battery runs out or reaches a certain number.

4. Leaving the Charger Still Plugged in the Laptop

Leaving the charger plugged into the laptop when the battery is fully charged can also damage the battery quickly. Because a fully charged battery will continue to charge and make the battery power excessive and not in accordance with the battery capacity. Excessive power quota can make the battery and other hardware components become hot. Exposure to excessive heat can reduce the performance of your laptop battery.

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5. Recklessly Charges Laptop Battery

Laptop Batteries Damage Fast.

This means your habit when charging the battery at an inappropriate voltage or voltage. Charging the plug with a voltage that is too high can damage the battery too quickly. An electrical voltage that is too high can damage the adapter and laptop quickly. In addition, it could be that the charging process will take longer and the battery seems to be fully charged, when in fact it is not.

Those are some things you can avoid when using or charging a laptop battery. Even though it looks trivial, if it is done continuously it can damage your laptop. If you still love your laptop, you have to start changing the habits above.

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