4 Mistakes That Make Smartphone Batteries Wasteful

Smartphone Batteries Wasteful

In today’s modern era, smartphones are one the most important items and cannot be separated from everyday life. Not only as a communication tool, but now smartphones can also be used as a means of online transactions, reading media, and entertainment. However, one of the problems that many people face is a wasteful smartphone battery. Therefore, the use of applications as necessary is also very important to keep the battery last. Here are four mistakes that make smartphone batteries wasteful.

1. Using Smartphone While Charging

The habit of using a smartphone while charging is one the bad habits. This activity can make the device hot if done continuously. When charging, only use your smartphone for urgent matters. If you are impatient, choose a smartphone that has fast charging technology.

Charging to 100% is also not good for battery life. Samsung recommends charging when the smartphone battery is at 30% and stops when it reaches 80 or 85%. Indeed, there are some smartphones that have protection features where the phone limits charging to only 85%.

2. Download Random Applications

Installing applications carelessly can also interfere with the performance of your cellphone. We recommend that you download applications only from official places. This is because unofficial applications may have features that can drain your cellphone battery.

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Activate the Power Saving or Adaptive Battery feature so that the device can adjust power consumption according to usage patterns. Periodically, also clean RAM and storage space so that the phone’s performance does not slow down.

3. Opening Multiple Apps

Smartphone Batteries Wasteful...

Running multiple apps at the same time can drain the battery quickly because it consumes power. Even if your phone supports multitasking. We recommend closing unused applications through the task manager. Also, check what applications are running in the background and are not visible on the cellphone display. Open Battery and Device Care, then select “battery” and “background usage limit” to disable apps that are rarely used. Select “put unused to sleep” for applications that are rarely used.

4. Not Enabling Dark Mode

Smartphone Batteries Wasteful-

The dark mode is a mainstay for saving battery power, especially on AMOLED screen smartphones. When displaying black, the AMOLED screen will turn off the pixels so that the power consumption of the screen is reduced.

Those are some mistakes that can make your smartphone batteries wasteful. You should start reducing these habits so that your smartphone battery is not easily wasteful. Hopefully, this can help you to maintain the performance and battery life of your smartphone.

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